MEETING IN HUNGARY 23-25.02.2021

The international meeting of students and teachers from Cyprus, France, Spain, Hungary, Italy and Poland lasted 3 days. About 60 participants took part in it. The host of the meeting was the Hungarian school in Kaposvar. and was organized online on Microsoft Teams platform.

During the first day, Ms Magdalena Szewczyk introduced the teachers to the goals and program, results dissemination  of the project during a presentation at The coordinator also presented new applications and programs for working with students and showed project web site: Hungarian coordinator Beata Hegedus was teaching teachers how to use eTwinning platform, how to download materials.The teachers had the opportunity to get to know each other and plan joint activities.
This day students prepared for the online meeting in their own schools. They tested logging to new platform. Teachers were in contact with students and discussed the presentations.

Greetings from Katalin Gyallai, principal of the school organizing the project Greetings from Magdalena Szewczyk, project coordinator Introduction of schools and places of living in 5-10 minutes  – Students from each partner school led presentations Logo competition: Announcement of the results Magdalena Szewczyk, project coordinator Students’ presentation:   The most important trees in your region.

Lecture: Understanding the triple function of forests (economic, ecological, recreational) Video screening (Deseda Adventure Forest) Online quiz using Kahoot application (individual student quiz) on the topic. Lecture: The role of forest birds in protecting forest health Introduction of a bird research project (video screening) Online task (students make a word cloud with the keywords of the given topic) Evaluation of project activities (online questionnaire), giving feedback.

All materials and products created as part of the project are available under license