Internetional Forests Day

Group of Erasmus + at Salesian High School organized Internetional Forests Day on 22.03.2021.
The event started from morning onine speech trasnsmitted by youtube to all students and teachers of the school
Headmaster of the school fr Jerzy Babiak introduced the event to school society.
Erasmus students ela and Karolina with coordinator Magdalena Szewczyk presented the aims of the event and project Erasmus+ Forests as Natoral European Heritage.
The movie made by students was presented online by youtube platform.
This day competion about forest was organized in kahoot apllication.
Also it was chosen a winner of competition for the best poster – Aleksandra Rogalińska, student 2b.
Students made frames promoting the event to make photos in it. Many pupils from primary school was happy to use it.

All materials and products created as part of the project are available under license