On October 20 we celebrated ERASMUS DAYS in our school. #ErasmusDays is an initiative aimed at disseminating the results of projects implemented under the Erasmus+ program. On this occasion, students of class 2b presented ERASMUS + in numbers. Then the statuettes for the Erasmus Ambassadors were distributed. They were received by two students who applied and sent posters in accordance with the guidelines of the competition. This year’s Erasmus Ambassadors are: Miłosz Rulewicz from 4c and Michał Szewczyk from 4c.
Then the students: Piotr Kuśnierz, Miłosz Rulewicz, Zosia Pakuła, Michał Szewczyk talked about their experiences and skills acquired after participating in the projects.
In the next stage, students from grades 2 and 3 presented scenes and songs advertising ERASMUS+.

The competition was won by class 2 c.
Then, students and teachers presented the play Romeo and Juliet in English, the aim of which was to draw the audience’s attention to ecological issues. The actors in the play were: Aleksandra Rogalińska, Krzysztof Wesołowski, vice-principal Magdalena Szewczyk, physical education teacher Paweł Parszewski, set design and costumes were taken care of by: Agnieszka Stefanicka, Joanna Solecka and Hania Naglik.

All materials and products created as part of the project are available under license