About Project

Seeds without borders – Forests as European natural heritage. It is project carried out by students and teachers from European countries: Poland, France, Cyprus, Hungary, Italy and Spain from 2020-2022. It is an interdisciplinary project combining Biology, Genetics, Geography, Environmental Science, Language, Arts.

The project will make a major contribution to informal and formal forest education by sharing scientific, cultural knowledge, skills and values with students and teachers. By the project students and teachers be aware of impotance of forests protection becasue of their values. The project will serve for students providing outdoor laboratories for formal, traditional education and research. Thanks to the forest education more and more students will be aware of multiple benefits of sustainable forest management, environment protection and reasonable forest use.

Students will shape key competences. They will be able to use new digital technologies, internet application. Students and teachers will get new skills of using new applications.

These educational activities will enhance the transferable skills of students and thus contribute indirectly to increase the possibility of finding jobs related to forests in the future. Professional development project program have been designed to offer both formal and practical opportunities for students to expand their knowledge and abilities of making observation and measurements in forests in international groups.

The project will answer to challenges of UNESCO World Heritage Forest Programme. An effective forest strategy is an essential element of the EU’s wider climate policy. By encouraging and promoting the sustainable management of forests and their multifunctional role, the strategy helps to fight deforestation, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere by sequestering carbon, to enhance resilience of ecosystems to a fast changing climate and to protect and preserve biodiversity and other ecosystem services.

In the project students will get to know to genetic techniques of seed storage, identification. Schools will start cooperation with Institutes responsible for preservation of the gene pool of the most valuable species of trees and shrubs. They will know EUFORGEN – the European Forest Genetic Resources Programme that promotes the conservation and sustainable use of forest genetic resources in Europe as an integral part of sustainable forest management. By the project our schools will participate in European strategy of forest conservation and protection forest resources. During projects many products will be created: web page, eTwinning platform, digiatal posters, digital booklets, map offorests, movies put on Youtube, photos.

The forest is not a resource for us, it is life itself. It is the only place for us to live

Evaristo Nugkuag Ikanan


MAIN AIM: To promote the efficient use of forest resources, protection and conservation of flora, fauna of forests

Students will shape key competences:


Be able to communicate and decode meanings in a foreign language. Students and teachers will motivate to became more fluent in English and increase level of the language.


They will develop mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology. to undestand processes in forests. They will use mathematical ways of thinking and present formulas, models, constructs, charts, tables in presentations about forests. tudents will develop their investigative skills in looking for clues of past forest use.


Be able to use digital technologies Student will use data to analysis state of forests and use Internet application to show their power poin presentations,prezi or other. They will make digital maps and poster, booklets, leaflet using new technologies and Internet, mobile applications. Teachers will gain skills of web page making.


Show initiative to assimilate new knowledge, and to advance skill levels towards professional level. The project participants will get knowledge about genetic techniques of seed storage, identification, forest ecosystem, forest invaders, monitoring forest health.


Develop social and civic competences:
Students and teachers will gain ability to communicate effectively and work collaboratively in a team, develop good working relationships with all project partners. They will overcome stereotypes and barrier.


Develop a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship. Students will get an entrepreneurial attitude which will be characterized by initiative, activity and independence and innovation in both personal and social life. They also be motivated and determined towards achieving goals. New job connected with forest will be promoted.


Promotion of European citizenship . All participans will respect other culture and way of thinking. They will be aware of cultural diversity and the cultural heritage in natural, national parks.


Integrate ecological and social considerations when making decisions and planning natural resource actions

All materials and products created as part of the project are available under license